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Locally owned and operated by Ali Azad, Parkway Cleaners has been setting the standard for quality garment care and service for over a decade.  Ali's mission is to provide consistent quality clothing care with knowledgeable and friendly service. There are two locations to serve you in Petaluma and although the cleaning is not done on site, Ali owns and operates  his own Dry Cleaning Plant in Santa Rosa which provides all the cleaning for both Petaluma locations.  He is continually researching the latest equipment and is committed to ongoing training in the details of fabric care and the environment. Parkway Cleaners delivers the finest clothing care available anywhere and we stand behind our work.

Our Process is what sets us apart

We realize the investment you’ve made in your clothing and household products that is why every piece will always undergo our  Quality Inspection. Checking for spots, stains, cracked or missing buttons and loose threads.  Our inspection starts the minute we receive your garments or household items. Our process includes expert stain removal, followed by superior cleaning…..but that’s just the first half the job. The next steps include impeccable hand ironing and finishing followed by multiple check points to make sure all your  items meet the standards you would expect. Only then do your garments receive our superior packaging to ensure the items are return to you in the best condition possible. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Caring About Our Community and Enviroment

Parkway Cleaners strives to seek the best and safest practices for our environment.  While other cleaners have converted from using perchlorethylene solvent in recent years, Parkway has never used it because we believe in using the safer alternatives available.  All cleaning is done with  biodegradable and odorless hydrocarbon solvent. The same type of hydrocarbons used in hand sanitizer. Parkway Cleaners also recycles their hangers and has taken all  possible steps to conserve energy with all equipment.  It’s with these actions that we can continue to offer a safe place for our employees, our customers, our community and our world.

Participation in Community Events

We live in the community just like you so enjoy participating in community activities.  We offer discounts for High School Uniforms as well as offer gift certificates for local charity and fund raising events.  We also participate in local campaigns including Toys for Tots, Secret Santa and Salvation Army.

Our level of  support also expands to a National level including Susan Komen Foundation, Saint Judes, Leukemia Society and National Kidney Foundation.



" I have been coming to Parkway Cleaners since it opened over ten years ago.   I have never been to a cleaners that is so clean and the customer service as good as this one.  Ali is great.  He knows what my needs are remembers our preferences and he knows my kids.  He was the one of the best addition to this town."

Debbie C

"I found Parkway Cleaners after trying several other cleaners first when I moved to Petaluma.  I have been very happy with the service.  I find I look forward to going as Ali is a kick to talk with.  I highly recommend this place for both the quality and customer service.  Plus there are cookies on the counter.  That I have never seen."
Robert T

"I went to Parkway Cleaners after a friend recommended me.  I live across town but it is worth the trip to go to this cleaners.  I had used another cleaners who was shrinking my clothes.  I brought a favorite pair of pants to Ali after
picking them up at another cleaners who returned my pants with on leg longer than the other.  Ali said he would give it his best to fix the pants and he did.  I have been going there ever since."

Brenda R
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